Mark can provide you a voiceover audition for your project, anytime. Just e-mail your script, copy or illegible chicken scratch to and he’ll send you back an .mp3 audition within the next day. If you need fast audition turn-around, call 206-226-9450 and let Mark know your copy is on the way.
How do I get Mark Lund’s voice for my project?
1. You can inquire directly at or call 206-226-9450. You provide region and product info and we’ll check for any conflicts for your market or product.

(No one wants Mark’s voice on commercials for 2 different organic paint stores in Ann Arbor, MI).

2. You can contact Mark’s highly competent and delightful Northwest agent Topo Swope at 206-443-2021 or
Rates are based on current union & non-union rates. Rates are always negotiable based on market & use terms.


Mark is financial core with SAG/AFTRA . His Fi-Core status means he is available for both union AND non-union voice work.